From bedroom to a Dream Space!
Posted on Aug. 25, 2015   ·  

It all started during the end of Engineering days, in the exploration of new “me”. It could also be called old “me”, as it had been dormant for years! Yes, it’s about the “musical me”.

My first official composition takes me back to my final Engineering days. It’s Chal Pade (moving ahead), written by Pawan, my classmate. Beautiful words by my friend about us moving ahead into a new journey! It has been a great journey since then.

Passion for recording also started around the same time. As soon as I joined work, my shopping list mainly consisted of musical equipment. We also formed a band, Ninad, to participate in a contest by name Supa Stars by Times Music. We recorded 3 songs for the auditions, of course in my bedroom, with my Keyboard and one mic. We did get through and we listed among top three bands in South zone. That marks an amazing beginning!

I got involved with Antardhwani, almost at the same time. Being with Praveen D Rao Sir slowly started getting me deep into the musical world, with lots of inspiration. I also started working on small freelance musical assignments, like short movies, composition of singles, plays, etc. Yet, all my work had to be done in my bedroom, but lots of learning also happened at the same time.

One fine day, we started building a new house. We had left a little free space for my dream, which is now transformed into a Recording Studio! Although not so big, it carries a huge dream. As a first assignment, we completely recorded 45 min musical piece, Kathaastra, for a ballet by Prabhat Kalamandir. The debut performance is happening on Sep 5th, 2015. This is an amazing start of a huge dream! I take this opportunity to invite to be a part of our collective Musical journey! Let’s walk together...